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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  September 21, 2017 8:00am-9:01am CEST

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this is d.w. news coming to you live from berlin german chancellor angela merkel says she's ready to join talks to resolve the north korea crisis and she says donald trump is doing it all wrong. sanctions and enforcing the sanctions are the right answer but
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anything else with regard to north korea i think is wrong and that is why we clearly disagree with the u.s. president. in the exclusive interview chancellor merkel tells t w that diplomacy is the only way forward with pyongyang also on the program hope and heroism in mexico as efforts continue to find survivors in the rubble of tuesday's powerful earthquake we'll go live to mexico city for the latest. and defiance in spain as cattle on nationalists protest through the night after regional leaders are arrested for planning a vote on independence. and in the book this legal action hamburg tries to do you rail the dortmund express but that's a tall order against one of germany's strongest attacking teens we'll bring you the goals and the highlights.
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i. hello i'm terry martin good to have you with us germany's chancellor has spoken out on the north korea crisis just days ahead of germany's general election chance we're going to michael said she disagrees with u.s. president donald trump's military ultimatum to north korea in an exclusive interview with the w. merkel offered germany's assistance in negotiating a diplomatic solution on tuesday trump told the u.n. that america would destroy north korea if it continued to threaten the united states or its allies. i promise he is the only way to solve the north korea conflict according to the german chancellor in an exclusive interview with g w hunger merkel spoke out in favor of multilateral negotiations involving international partners such as china russia and the united states even if this conflict is far away from germany it's one that also affects us that's fine i'm
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prepared to insist the foreign minister to assume responsibility here. we took part in negotiating the iran agreement which i think is good and better than having no agreement at all. it took many years but in the end it did limit iran's possibilities for nuclear armament. addressing the u.s. president's threats to destroy north korea angela merkel had a special message for donald trump. we consider any type of military solution to be absolutely inappropriate and we're counting on diplomatic efforts this must be vigorously implemented in my opinion sanctions and enforcing these sanctions are the right answer but anything else with regard to north korea i think is wrong and that's why we clearly disagree with the u.s. president. with holes in her favor of america look and feel confident that she'll
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be reelected as chancellor of the a if he is likely to win seats in parliament for the first time medical ruled out ever cooperating with the far right party and she promised to take the concerns of those who feel disadvantaged seriously. my you know and my answer is clear to solve people's problems the worries they have having their own jobs as well as decent schools and doctors to really take care of these issues but on the other hand to signal a clear stop to hatred and violence. the interview with chancellor merkel was the last in a series of seven that included all top candidates of germany's major parties recent surveys are correct on sunday on the conservative c.d.u. c.s.u. will become the strongest political power and she could become one of the longest serving chancellors in german history.
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karim conducted that interview together with our editor in chief innes pole is with us now good morning to farm good morning terry so america has offered to mediate in the north korea crisis in your interview with her did she offer any idea about what approach she might take it was very clear that she wants to play an active role in this negotiations and when my colleague asked her about it like which you call control and then she said she cannot decide on her own but she's ready to talk to anyone and she's ready to talk to any contra did is ready to sit and talk and have an agreement and try to find a way and not the threat way the way she said in the interview what donald trump is doing but she's very clear does she wants to be a mediator and she wants to take an active role in the interview chancellor merkel
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took a clear position in opposition to donald trump yes a statement that he made at the u.n. general assembly now germany is just a few days away from a general election obviously do you think that chancellor merkel taking a strong position against trump will be a vote getter good question i mean if you look to the pools she's already in a very good situation like it if everything goes on the way it's going so she might be the next chance there which everyone is thinking but everyone is to waiting for sunday to have facts and not only polls what my impression is that she is really counting on the diplomatic way and thrive. to be diplomatic and not to to go into another conflict and i think that's her strength and she is using this strength she has good connections all over she's the respect it's all over and that's why she wants to go the diplomatic way and it might have been the getting more more voters why not but i don't think it's the main cause why she's doing it
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now merkel is widely expected to continue as chancellor to win another term the polls show that she's most likely going to need at least one coalition partner however did she give any clues in the interview as to what coalition partners she'd prefer to be together with we all want to know this question and answer but she said what she's sure of she's not going to work with the. with the left and everything else is very open as usual america's like we will see off the day of action and and then she will decide and it's also interesting to even when you ask her about she might be the next chancellor nevertheless she's like no i we will see we have to wait till sunday and she is laid back in a way but she's not saying look i am one hundred percent the next chancellor so that's why concerning to a coalition she to knowledge didn't say exactly but who she doesn't want
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a least we know that kareen thank you so much and do stay with us we'll look forward to talking to a little later in the program sure. and we'll be bringing you the full interview with chancellor michael later in this newscast now to mexico where more than two hundred people are now confirmed dead after tuesday's earthquake rescue workers are practically searching for survivors trapped in the rubble of collapsed buildings one of the most desperate rescue efforts is underway at a primary school in mexico city. a sign of life under the rubble rescue workers signal for quiet as they search for survivors that spotted a little hand it's a girl they ask her to move it she can now begins the painstakingly slow process of freeing her. it's a race against time to find people trapped under the rubble and to clear the way to where they live. right then there are still people in there but there are still
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people groaning who have to clear the rubble from three more floors and you still hear people inside. the capital city has seen a number of dramatic rescues this man was saved up to spending more than twenty four hours under the debris of his partly collapsed apartment building. others however were not so lucky and with every hour that goes by hopes of finding survivors diminishes. in a cruel twist of irony the seven point one magnitude quake struck off to many in the city had carried out an earthquake drill. like every year that drill was shadowed on the anniversary of a nine hundred eighty five earthquake that killed more than ten thousand people in this latest adversity has united the city in both grief and determination people from all walks of life in films human chains to help us out rubble. it's
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sad because you want to help out but you can't do anything. i want to do everything quickly it's like a human survival instinct but you can't do anything. but the shia number of people involved is also complicating efforts. rescue is regularly called out to silence any sound missed as a possible life lost. as the search for survivors continues many in the city have taken refuge on the streets the second quite to hit the country in just two weeks has left them with nowhere else to go. mexico's president and rick opinion yet so says mexico is facing a new national emergency he's declared three days of national mourning to honor the victims. of the very latest let's cross to mexico city where journalist veronica calderon is standing by for us it's late at night
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where you are how are rescue efforts continuing well they're actually working right now. in monterey school where they are looking for. which is the name of the girl who. communicated with rescue workers earlier this day and we do know. true some of their equipment that there are some police two other children still alive on there the rubble there worked. for fifteen hours to this point well we're expecting the very best because this is became a. game a symbol for many mexicans for these girls to be rescued. alive and well so everyone is hoping that that girl can be rescued and perhaps others too who may still be under the rubble there how are people in mexico coping with the
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situation there what's the atmosphere in the city. well i can. just overwhelming. at the same time because. many of the i know of friends the. brain out to help and to to. go to the shelters to leave or to lend it. out if there's a need for an engineer or to see if a building be safely there's a need for a doctor to check on somebody so it's quite overwhelmed and it's really a moving to see these kind of. efforts they actually this this morning or yesterday morning i actually interviewed one person to travel two hours to the site
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and he was quite upset because they were going to let let's help. this is a bittersweet moment for mexico. because we have this huge need to help but there's time for mourning really hours right now. for on the go thank you so much for talking with us journalist veronica calderón there talking with us from mexico city thank. the entire u.s. territory of quite a rico is without power after being struck by hurricane maria it was the strongest storm to hit the caribbean island in nearly ninety years maria has weakened to a category two hurricane is now to the northwest part of recount. demonstrators clashed in kenya's capital nairobi as the country's supreme court explained its decision to nullify last month's presidential election police used tear gas to
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break up scuffles between supporters and opponents of the decision court criticized kenya's election board for paling to verify results or allowing judges to audit them. and the president of iraq's kurdish region has vowed to press ahead with a referendum on independence that that has leaders of the autonomy's region come under growing international pressure to scrap the vote scheduled for september twenty fifth in turkey iraq and the u.s. all of whose kurdish desires to form an independent country. in spain tensions are running high over the national government's efforts to prevent catalonia from holding an unauthorized independence vote on the first of october hundreds of people demonstrated in the streets of barcelona overnight after spanish police raided catalan government offices and arrested officials on wednesday police detained a number of protesters following clashes overnight protests followed a much larger demonstration on wednesday in barcelona the capital of catalonia
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where independence is a hotly contested issue thousands of protesters take to the streets of parsimony the target of their fury at the police. they crossed the red line today. earlier the offices of the cattle and regional government searched and fourteen people arrested their alleged crime preparing for the independence referendum on october the first most of us but no actual special spain has effectively lifted catalonia is autonomous status and imposed on us a state of emergency. the police operation marks an escalation the spanish government is doing all it can to stop catalonia and economic powerhouse from breaking away madrid views the referendum is illegal and spanish unity is a cornerstone. to the protagonists in the catalan regional government who are behind this threat to our coexistence. that you
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stop your illegal acts that you abandon your proposals. you already know that this referendum you won't be taking place without. it was never legal nor legitimate now it's just an impossible dream or what's worse an excuse that some are looking for to cause a deeper rift that they've caused in cotland society. pro independence campaign is a determined the referendum will go ahead police are supposed to prevent the ballot have been banned from taking any holiday. you're watching d.w. news still to come hamburg try to stop dortmund in midweek bonus legal action stay tuned to find out how they handled that tall task. google went out shopping again and this time it's all about the smartphone market
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most likely they have a strategy there terry google is strengthening its hardware business and it's just struck a one point one billion dollar deal with taiwanese electronics company h t c and that deal puts two thousand engineers from the smartphone division under google's roof the internet giant is trying to bolster its position in a sector dominated by apple and samsung the move could allow google to better integrate its android smartphone software with its own hardware google expects the deal to close by early twenty eighteen provided it gets the all clear from regulators. talking of all clear the bidding war around bankrupt a german carrier eveline is over seven office are on the table the committee of creditors is making a preliminary decision today as to how to proceed so what is on the table german flagship carry a lot of times i want to get the lion's share of its former competitors planes and
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especially interested in the aircraft belonging to the long haul fleet and to evelyn's leisure units and the landing slots of course that come with them then there is a formula one champion to get louder also interested in nicky an airline he founded in two thousand and three. and which joined the evelyn group a year later lauder's made a joint bid with thomas cook's german airline kong dog was around one hundred million euros for thirty eight of ambulance aircraft and budget kariya easy jet is reportedly hoping to expand its operations and doesn't offer a major billion in western germany looking to acquire forty planes now then there is also a group led by investing hundreds of. he wants to take over at berlin completely offering up to five hundred million euros for that deal another one is with clausen a former energy executive and he has a similar plan he's offering one hundred million euros rounding up the list are chinese investor jonathan pang and berlin based logistics company last question is
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who gets what a decision is due on monday that is the day after the german election until then staff can only sit and hope for the best. for layoffs just around the corner air berlin ground crews could soon be out of jobs what routes will remain how many flight attendants will still be needed in a few weeks or months press reports now say the bankrupt airline is dropping all of its long haul flights beginning october fifteenth. does it what's the situation for air berlin staff has grown precarious we don't know which jobs are really secure in the long term and we've been aware for a while that in ministration in technical staff in particular don't seem to have any future here kind of. that's why both unions and the airline are now demanding that german government set up a temporary employment agency as
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a safety net for air berlin employees left jobless after the dust settles. they would be offered financial aid during a transition period while training for new positions in other words air berlin appears to be preparing for an undesirable outcome that the airline can't find an investor to take it on lock stock and barrel carving the carrier up is sure to cost many more jobs. the us federal reserve has left interest rates unchanged but signaled a hike could be on the cards before the end of the year fed chief janet yellen also announced a reduction in the central bank's bond buying program analysts say she's facing a tough balancing act between embracing an ongoing economic recovery and worrying over a recent drop in inflation. and shares in german linda command bank spiked briefly on wednesday after renewed speculation that a merger could be on the cards according to the reuters news agency italy's only
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credit recently approached the german government with an interest in merging with the state back to linda it's still early days but should such a move go ahead it would be one of europe's largest ever cross border banking mergers. it took a while but the seato free trade agreement has made canadian salmon cheaper on european markets simply by getting rid of imported duties so rosy prospects for fish farmers over there or at least you'd might think so because instead of this growing resistance to the fish farming industry especially among the country's first nations. career sick lendale is a member of the nam just nation and indigenous people from the west coast of canada she's now fighting against industrial fish farms like this one which raise hundreds of thousands of salmon in the region. glendale another demonstrators have set up camp in the middle of this farm and they say they've occupied it they want to send
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a clear message. done with this fish farm industry they have never had our permission to be in our territories and we've had enough for not now let them destroy our environment our daughters take our salmon away from us worked on these guys need to get out get out now. the occupied facility was built by a norwegian company marine harvest the largest salmon farming firm in the world. it has sales of around three and a half billion euros a year. company representatives refused to speak with us the industry is profiting from canada's new trade agreement with the e.u. which is gotten rid of tariffs and increased production and exports but environmental activists say aquaculture is damaging wild stocks of fish. when they
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migrate upstream from the pacific to reproduce they swim right past the fish farms and critics say that has spread disease and infection canadian authorities however play down the issue and say the cage salmon pose no threat to their wild cousins. when at lennoxtown are actually put out into the ocean they go disease free they're raised in hatcheries a land base facilities and fresh water and we actually have a large suite of vaccinations that are given to the fish to guarantee that they're entering the water in a clean and healthy way that may be true but why are fishermen in british columbia catching fewer and fewer wild salmon many factors could be playing a role not least climate change or pollution but most locals blame the fish farms for their empty lines and nets. going into the season we knew it was going to be warm and i think it's even worse than what they've a project that we're going to. put it all here and not only this
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area but the northern areas has been weak runs through. the first nations activists are planning to continue to protest the industrial agriculture facilities in their waters and see their rights are being violated even the coast guard is now involved and there's no end to the impasse in sight the now i'm going to say the only solution is for the fish farm to shut down. now then who school what who didn't i think terry has the answer to that question that's right we're talking about his latest soccer action here monaco lots of games played on wednesday mines played host to hoffenheim now mind fans haven't had a lot cheer about thus far this season but often times recent shaky form had some thinking they might be mines as night. monson hoffenheim started the clash at
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opposite ends of the table but it was the fancied home side that took the only. time not so with his first of the season months opening the scoring for the first time this campaign. ten minutes later with two nil yes she nori new to bamboozling hoffenheim defender is. less than impressed. hoffenheim needed a quick response not even miri obliged. the hoffenheim new products producing a moment of much needed magic. and just before half time it was two two. centers with a towering head on now those men back on his feet. and struck the second half so much with the better chances but i couldn't convert. and in the dying minutes markets topped off with the window with. the time completing an
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impressive comeback. much to the delights of novels mn. months may wallace staring at a long season ahead. in other midweek match ups dortmund had the chance to regain their position at the top with a win in hamburg paisa bots his team began the match unbeaten in fact they hadn't even given up a goal. it was a high tempo game with both sides having chances in the opening minutes toby would testing home and birky in the domingo. yammering obama young only inches away at the other end. with blood pressure is rising lewis holtby took andreae malenko down just outside the box. and went dormant in the danger zone it was that chance to take the lead change econobox converting from close
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range on the twenty four minute mile. midway through the second half dome and broke hamburg on the counter setting up obama again for the easiest of tap in. dormant at the hamburg misery in the eightieth christan put a stick with the sublime finish. dome and win three nil and continue that one hundred percent start to the season. now let's look at all the match day five result as we saw dortmund down hamburg hoffenheim held off mines five foot big cologne how to handle the labor couzin and five or share the spoils with hanover on tuesday by an bested shaka board defeated
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light safe. got passed and both book braman split the points. you're watching the news still to come shortly after u.s. president don't trump threatens to destroy north korea germany's chancellor offers to help result the north korea crisis. in an exclusive interview that diplomacy is the only way forward with. we'll have more on that and other stories coming up for you in just a minute stay with. among
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small cheering also to. sixty nine. the d w media center. see if i. find it again. him more of a. discovery. video and audio podcast and language courses. in the media center at media center dot w dot com. d w true diversity. where the world of science is at home in many languages. on top of that i've been going there you know. that with us our innovations magazine for asia the us for every week and always
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looking to the future fund d w dot com science and research for asia. hash tag germany decides. the day before the general election on d w a day dedicated to democracy. from its dramatic beginnings in germany until the present day how is the nation of culture fairing an election year. where do the german people see their place in europe and the world. democracy day september twenty third d. w. . welcome back you're watching d.w. news i'm terry martin our top stories emergency workers in mexico are working through the night to try to rescue a school girl trapped in the rubble of her collapse school more than two hundred people are now confirmed dead as
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a result of tuesday's earthquake and german chancellor merkel offers to help resolve the north korea crisis michael tells d.w. in an exclusive interview that diplomacy is the only way forward with pyongyang just days after the u.s. president donald trump threatened to destroy north korea. well d.w. is editor in chief in his poll along with reporter and anchor jeff karim conducted that interview and they're both with us here this morning good to see you both morning and your father start with you uncle michael is ahead in the polls there's an election coming up just on sunday is she not a little nervous or she exuding confidence. you know she was pretty comfortable very confident very solid very clear and. yeah i think she's she's kind of cool nevertheless just she doesn't try to show that she knows she might who and she's like laid back and say let us wait and let us wait till sunday but my
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impression was she was pretty confident what do you think it's up to come calm and confident and she knows that she's probably the next next well but she's never full of self you know she really has respects also regarding her. but. so she's pretty confidentially back in her chancellery there in a few days' time to now chancellor merkel as you say is very careful she's calm she's very careful with her words but then in the interview with you guys she said this take a listen. i am against threats of this kind and speaking for myself from the government i must say that we consider any type of military solution to be absolutely inappropriate and we are counting on diplomatic efforts which must be vigorously implemented on the ball and in my opinion sanctions and in
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forcing those sanctions are the right answer. there's anything else with regard to north korea i think is wrong and that is why we care you disagree with the u.s. president. clearly disagree absolutely inappropriate wrong was this the numerical in is taking a picture strong position against. that's kind of relieved that she speaks so harshly about anybody or somebody else but she totally disagrees with this approach towards north korea actually she also totally disagrees with his approach toward towards iran she also talks about the iran deal or no interview for the iran deal so she was very strongminded in this interview because. trump what he does know the way he speaks the way he presents himself self she just does not like this and as we're going to listen to this interview in full now did all these exclusive interview that you know as in your part carried out with chancellor merkel here it
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is. i'm going to angela merkel has been german chancellor for twelve years and is running for office for the fourth time was magical we're delighted to have the chance to speak to you here at the johnson arena been in the german capital at the expense question go i'm pleased to welcome home hello madam chancellor magnifies the guidance of almost the entire world knows your face and your name in these uncertain times of terror and war and collapsing alliances how many people are afraid of the future and place great expectations in you. know ask us what you are actually afraid of. i don't think here's a good adviser we must face our challenges head on and we face huge tasks then we can consider what to do in my experience when the world works together we can move mountains when everyone has different opinions it can take a really long time to reach
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a solution at all but we negotiate talk and find one it's was there anything that keeps you from sleeping at night. well there are situations to which i have to devote a lot of thought such as now when i think about the question of ukraine and russia . when i think about the syrian civil war which has robbed so many millions of their home. or when i think about the nuclear tests by the north korean dictator that naturally worries me too. but rather than fearing these problems i consider how i can solve them. you have been in office for twelve years that doesn't unlimited number of times and offers harm pluralism in society and without democracy. i don't think so there are different systems there are direct election systems where there are usually term limits for example the french and american presidential elections. in germany we elect parties and you can't limit the number of terms for parties and those parties then select their own top candidates which
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is why the number of terms in office is not limited. so in germany for example the number of terms of office is limited for the president germany's head of state but not for the chancellor. if i understand you correctly you are opposed to limiting the period in office for chancellor to two terms for example. as we already said you have been chancellor for twelve years and have attended many un general assembly. what do you think when you hear a u.s. president donald trump threatening north korea with total destruction and the event of an attack toward time for. i am against threats of this kind and speaking for myself and the government i must say that we consider any type of military solution absolutely inappropriate and we are counting on
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diplomatic efforts. this must be vigorously implemented. in my opinion sanctions and enforcing these sanctions are the right answer but anything else with regard to north korea i think is wrong and dad is why we clearly disagree with the u.s. president. did you get to talk to him after his speech. i haven't talked with him since then i did speak with him before his speech a few days ago. i also made it clear during our phone conversation that a diplomatic solution needs to be found. they didn't design an offering to act as a mediator for us and. i made it clear that germany is prepared to assume responsibility would alone or as part of the european union. even if this conflict is far away from germany it is one that also affects us that is why i am prepared as is the foreign minister to assume responsibility here. we took part in the go
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sheeting the iran agreement which i think is good and better than having no agreement at all it took many years but in the end it did limit iran's possibilities for nuclear armament. and i think we must take the same path or a similar one with russia with china together with the u.s. also in the case of north korea in these and. also bring kim jong un. because that's not on the agenda now i also do not intend to take steps which haven't been agreed upon that would weaken the international community of states but we can't just avoid taking responsibility either. staying with foreign policy i understand of course that you have to speak to governments who do not necessarily correspond to the level of democracy we have here. but egypt for example you signed a security agreement with egypt and and according to human rights watch the
8:39 am
interior ministry with whom you signed this agreement has itself been accused of using torture. and. we talk with every country along with the agreements we signed with them we also talk about things that bother us with egypt for example we've had long and in part very controversial discussions about our employees from political foundations we talk about human rights abuses and situations that contravene the rule of law yet on one hand foreign policy is always about looking after our interests and on the other about safeguarding our values. and there are many reasons to help egypt become a stable country a country that enjoys a reasonable economic development. so there are reasons for us to sign a joint agreement. but it's also a country that restricts press freedom and suppresses the opposition. we from d.w.
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for example are censored there. as i've already stated we know about this from political foundations and now for example from europe from the arch of ella and there we clearly tell president that we criticize that that we don't think it's right but not to talk to them because everything isn't just as we would wish it or to say we won't negotiate at all with egypt i think that's the wrong approach. because egypt needs our support and through dialogue we can perhaps take small steps towards improvement. i think the major here's to you that our international audience also associates you with is the refugee one. central question that is always how long can refugees dangerman. what is your plan. the protected status of refugees very on the one hand we have refugees who have
8:41 am
been granted the full status defined by the convention on refugees there initially allowed to stay here for three years. and if after three years the situation in their homeland hasn't improved they can get permanent residency status then they're refugees with subsidiary protection status their we look at the situation in their homeland on a yearly basis and decide accordingly so it's dependent on their protected status. we have people who return home voluntarily such as to iraq in cities there have been liberated from i.a.s. people also return and we support these voluntary be tourney's because we want to give the people there are a reasonable chance to start over again. whatever the war in syria last for twenty years what will we do then if a family lives here grew up here the kids go to school and parents work. well as i said those who have the full status defined by the convention on refugees will
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after a certain time get permanent residency status with people who are earning a living and supporting themselves we could review their cases however let's hope the syrian conflict won't last twenty years. but given the situation in syria the people who are here at the moment have no reason to fear being sent back. i have visited many refugee facilities in germany and spoken with the people and there are. many refugees are becoming frustrated. right now they feel abandoned what precisely do you want to do. there. really it took a long time to process so many applications that was a problem. but the good news is we're now down to only one hundred thousand. and hundreds of thousands have already been given a decision one way or the other. many people don't realize refugees
8:43 am
first have to take a german course before they can start school or job training. and that takes time. but we do our utmost to get young people into education. and even those without a full residence permit can work or learn a trade. nevertheless many see german bureaucracy as being very slow and would like to be able to enter the labor market much faster. but we cannot allow that either because we cannot allow destructive competition that perhaps germans who are seeking employment cannot find certain jobs we have to keep on finding a balance there. germany is an orderly country but that means things may take a little longer and i can only ask. her most recent times
8:44 am
like to focus on another group that has been living in germany for a long time people of turkish origin we keep hearing that many of them still feel a question as to where they actually belong hasn't been answered could this perhaps also be due to the fact that your party still doesn't accept that germany is an immigration country. we have long since said goodbye to the times when we called these people guest workers everyone is able to acquire german citizenship that means people with turkish roots can become just as german as those whose families may have lived here for centuries. i always tell people who've been here a long time but might not have german citizenship that they have contributed to the prosperity of our country and therefore belong here if they obey the law of course . what worries us is the fact that different groups from turkey are maybe spying on or surveilling each other we do not want that. we don't want to import any
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conflicts from turkey to germany we will make sure that all groups can live here peacefully and unharmed. how exactly do you want to do that make sure that precisely that doesn't happen. by investigating every case by really encouraging people who feel they are being watched to inform us and then taking decisive action against the respective sources or those doing that or. almost all of your coalition partners want a real immigration law i'm not talking about the law regulating the immigration of skilled workers but about a real immigration law is that something you are willing to negotiate on. i believe that our proposed law on skilled workers is exactly what others might describe as an immigration law. we say that our country needs to bring in skilled workers we have
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a shortage of specialists and the european union's blue card scheme offers us very good options for immigration especially for high earners with academic degrees. we'd like to improve this and extend it to simple occupations. but these need to be linked to the existence of a real job that cannot be filled any other way. and i think that is the right thing to do because we do not want immigrants to end up in our welfare system as the service is non-negotiable few. details have to be negotiated we know for example that canada has long preferred a point based system but is now also looking at the question what jobs to we actually want to fill it needs to be said that immigration laws are always aimed to serve the needs of the country into which people come. by contrast asylum laws the refugee convention is a humanitarian obligation that is not tied to
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a workplace. and these are two separate issues. and that is why we've made our position clear by naming it the law regulating the immigration of skilled workers. and. madam chancellor of germany is voting this sunday according to the f.t. could become the third or strongest party in the bundestag. haven't you been able to prevent this. so i do not wish to speculate about the outcome of the election as you can understand but i will call on those many people as possible to support what we in the c.d.u. and c.s.u. are offering with their votes. our two parties have had certain disagreements especially about the euro and it stabilization also on refugee policy. i believe these were fundamental decisions for europe for the single currency and for
8:48 am
humanitarian commitments. they have naturally also provoked discussions throughout society some of them heated. but i think these decisions were both correct and necessary and that is why we must try to solve the problems that are connected to it to earn people's trust and let them know that every vote counts but in certain situations fundamental decisions like these have to be made. us germany's international broadcaster many people keep asking us germany are so well off you have good schools you have decent health care and a good retirement program. yet despite all this the f.d.a. this populist right wing party is so successful can you try to explain this to our international viewers. i don't want to explain this because i will never work with the f.t. but i just want to say that there are indeed people in germany who have problems
8:49 am
this does not justify certain political attitudes or exclusion but we must also work very hard to ensure that we have equal living conditions. we have rural areas where internet access is slow to arrive in which there is a shortage of doctors. we have people who have worked for many years and still have a very small pension. and that is why even though our country ranks highly by international standards here too many people have to struggle to make ends meet. so and within or without imo. right another question about the f.t. according to polls some of those who up to now have voted for the c.d.u. or c.s.u. are migrating to the f.d.a. do you have an idea on how to win these voters but how. can you know as a business we are not the only ones affected by this phenomenon of mine on my
8:50 am
answer is clear to solve people's problems the worries they have having their own jobs as well as decent schools and doctors to really take care of these issues but on the other hand to signal a clear stop to hatred and violence. thank you very much to finish we always like to ask the same question imagine you had to spend one month on a desert island and could only survive if you took one of these people with you as one of the other party candidates. and you need to choose one of these people or you won't survive. c.d.u. and c.s.u. your other members or our international audience welcome hammond is the partner to chancellor merkel c.d.u. what would you discuss with him on the desert island. i would discuss with him how we can improve internal security in germany and perhaps he would ask me a few policy issues that he hasn't dealt with yet. so far guns
8:51 am
guns nothing thank you very much ms magazine you're welcome your mom's most and i will always finish with a quick selfie sure would you pass me the mobile phone please. i mean. of course that was i did i was editor in chief in his poll there together with kareem for also thank you and report about this with the both of them with us here this morning to talk about the interview that's very interesting interview i must say a lot of topics you cover there a lot of ground with the chancellor. start with you merkel took the. strong position against donald trump on foreign policy issues particularly over korea and iran do you think that we're witnessing a further emancipation of german foreign policy away from the u.s. under. that's an interesting question i think what we really witness in this interview is very strongminded a very harsh and she's a a mosque was in the placebo in this interview she really tells don't think this is
8:52 am
part of the new development i mean it's not only hood's not only germany i think it's europe which is kind of finding its in a strength because donald trump is such a loose cannon and he's such a flip flopper that no one really knows what is what is what is he going to read what is he going to do next so i think that force is i'm going to take a strong stand against donald trump so foreign policy you talked about that you also talked about the upcoming election of course as we saw there towards the end of your interview especially the a.f.d. the alternative for deutschland party it is considered a far right party it's very likely to enter the german bund is talk of the first time many people are concerned about that. when you talk to chancellor merkel about that did she seem concerned and above all did she give any indication of how she and her party the christian democrats are reaching out to potential voters i think what we asked her discretion and she is taking this issue very seriously
8:53 am
it's very clear but she's not talking the whole time about it what she says it's like i'm going to continue the way i'm doing politics so now she stands to her own decisions that she's doing but at the same time she even mentioned like we also have to take care of people who live here in germany who are concerned who are kind of afraid show so she's trying also to to direct the people who might be electing d.f.d. because after all twenty percent who used to elect. you are now acting. and i think she's very aware if it but nevertheless is not strike trying to make a big deal out of it that's what was my impression haven't you. i mean. literally i'm not going to work. to part of that and that is a strong quote she just says no i'm not going to work with those people i got to take i try to take care of the fee is i try to support those people. because they
8:54 am
were worried about the future and also if she is very likely be in parliament again she's going to have to contend with them again if she's back there is chance or they're currently pulling around ten percent i believe now ches america has also been criticized for not having a vision for the future vote for miracles a vote for the status quo is what many people here let's take a look at what she said about keeping her job. my not my answer is clear to solve people's problems. the worries they have having their own jobs as well as decent schools and doctors to really take care of these issues but on the other hand to signal a clear stop to hatred and violence. in this is that a vision for germany merkel style yes this is you know i mean what is it was and many people expect something totally new has to come the world has to be reshaped no she says germany is doing fairly well especially compared with other european
8:55 am
countries and other countries in the world cede we'll just try to keep in mind keep up her good work i think that's just i keep doing what i did and that's good i think her vision is what she's doing now she she she like her politics her her experience shows goes back to the about the experience her diplomacy her state that she's having internationally and i think that's her vision she's not trying to invent something in you she's just says i'll keep on doing what i did till now and that's why germany is today where it is ok i'm from going to leave it there thank you both for talking with us this morning super interesting interview and i invite all of our viewers to check it out too on the internet you'll find it on d w dot com paula abdul karim thanks for being with us thank you terry and just remember it's only three days to go until germany decides the german federal election on sunday of course we want you to join the discussion about the election so you can follow the coverage online at www dot com find updates there also on the news
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facebook page or follow us on twitter and use the germany decides hash tag our social media team is waiting to hear from you. just for we go a reminder the top story we're following for you here today on the w. news german chancellor angela merkel offers to help resolve the north korea crisis michael tells t w in an exclusive interview that diplomacy is the only way forward with pyongyang just days after the u.s. president donald trump. threaten to destroy north korea. for now i'll be back with another post in just a couple of minutes of course you'll find all our stories online at com thanks for watching.
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my jury. decides the candidates. have interviewed almost all the front runners. upcoming parliamentary elections. are now looking for thirty pounds and the amount of cash that germany decides make the candidates. gives w. . tells us stirring stories thanks it makes us laugh. and cry a leg tremble and smile thanks magical images
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this is d. w. news coming to you live from berlin german chancellor angela merkel tells d.w. she's ready to join talks to resolve the north korea crisis and she says donald trump is doing it all wrong in my opinion sanctions and enforcing the sanction.


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